MeeGo bug report reveals a juicy Nokia device, possibly the N9?

We just found an appetizing specs list of an unannounced Nokia Meego device. The specs have been unearthed from a MeeGo bug report. Could this be the Nokia N9 or Nokia has prepared an even meaner new device?

It seems Nokia is cooking up something big in an attempt to finally score some points against the pressing competition over at the Android and iOS camp.

A German website – NokiaPort.de – has dug up some pretty detailed hardware info from a leaked bug report.

The most prominent part of the specs include a 1.6GHz Intel CPU, 1GB worth of RAM, Wireless N connectivity, a WVGA resolution display and an FM transmitter. Could this be the Nokia N9?

The Finns are still at the top but the last couple of years we’ve witnessed them lose much of their market share to competition such as Samsung, for example. It may be because of their decision to continue supporting Symbian, while the rest of the manufacturers turned to Android or new proprietary OSes. MeeGo may be Nokia’s last chance to recover the lost ground and regain the once loyal masses that are now using Google-branded smartphones.

It’s been almost a year now since Nokia and Intel decided to combine their Linux-based work and announced Maemo and Moblin’s lovechild – MeeGo.

It’s also been almost 6 months since the N9 leaked for the first time. Maybe it’s high time that Nokia announces a device that runs the new OS. Oh, we can’t wait for this MWC to come.

Source: GSMArena


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