Video Leading Growth of Mobile Data Bandwidth, You Tube Biggest Contributor

Allot Communications has just released its MobileTrends Report for the second-half of 2010, and the numbers show that mobile use, especially video, is growing at a rapid rate.

In the last half of 2010, global mobile data bandwidth shot up by 73 percent. Video streaming accounted for a huge 37 percent of all mobile bandwidth, and was the biggest gainer: video use shot up by 94 percent in that period. Of all video streaming traffic, 45 percent was due to YouTube. YouTube, in fact, was responsible for 17 percent of all mobile data bandwidth.

iPhone users are downloading a lot more apps than Android users, Allot found: 89 percent of all app store download traffic was from the iTunes App Store, while only 9 percent was from the Android Marketplace.

The report found that VoIP and IM use grew by 87 percent, with Skype responsible for a huge 87 of VoIP bandwidth. File sharing took 30 percent of mobile bandwidth.

“Our MobileTrends findings demonstrate that mobile operators must understand the value that over-the-top applications provide to users rather than just focus on the amount of bandwidth they consume,” said Rami Hadar, president and CEO of Allot Communications. “As networks move towards 4G/LTE and convergence, understanding this value is likely to become even more critical as operators will be expected to provide a more enriched and personalized experience for their users.”

Allot Communications is based in Boston, Massachusetts, and offers intelligent IP service optimization and revenue-creating solutions for broadband and enterprise. The report took data from leading mobile operators worldwide with a combined user base of 210 million subscribers.

Source: Streaming Media


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