Verizon Demo’s VoLTE Call Using LG Revolution and Locked, Modular LTE Network in MWC

At any rate, VoLTE essentially acts as a VoIP lane, giving a specific amount of bandwidth to the call (which ensures call quality, unlike Skype, which is at the mercy of shared applications that are using the same bandwidth) and also enabling the phone to use data whilst the call is ongoing.

Today at the MWC Verizon Wireless successfully made a test VoLTE call using the LG Revolution phone.

VoLTE Call Over LG Revolution Phone

The LG Revolution, which is slated to launch in March, will eventually gain VoLTE support, though Verizon Wireless is not expecting the feature to go live in America until next year. Bilal Wahid, Verizon Wireless’ Associate Director of Product Development, told us that at least initially, you may see VoLTE voice and videocalling available on Android smartphones, but there’s no reason that the same apps couldn’t be developed for other platforms. The call quality is at par with high-bandwidth VoIP calls while the videocalling is without any lag whatsoever. However, this demo call was made over a locked, modular LTE network and thus real-world results will most probably will differ.

Check out the videos below for a lengthy explanation of the technology, where it’s going, and when it’ll be implemented.


Source: Engadget


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