Motorola Xoom Unsubsidized Model Priced at US$ 799, WiFi-Only Version for US$600


Xoom set to challenge iPad on features/performance and not on pricing

Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha has revealed the price for its iPad-challenger, the Xoom tablet. According to him, the unsubsidized Xoom tablet with 32GB memory will be billed for US$799. Further, this price is available when bought with 3G (which will be upgraded to 4G) connectivity from Verizon sans subsidies. On the other hand, the WiFi-only device will cost buyers US$600. The latter price matches the 32GB iPad directly, however the 3G Xoom is $70 more expensive than the Apple alternative. He also hinted that Motorola wants to build its own application store. It seems that Moto is trying to emulate Apple’s success formula – having its own ecosystem of developers and maybe its own OS for its next-gen devices, xOS to take on iOS!

However, Sanjay did not mention when the models will become available, but there have been strong indications that pre-orders or reservations will begin tomorrow (at least at Best Buy), with the tablet launching in full on Thursday next week.

Source: Reuters, Engadget


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