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HTC Sensation is the True Successor to the HTC Desire

HTC is a company that has been rapidly taking over the smartphone industry in recent years and struck it big in 2010 with the HTC Desire. HTC have shown that they are always at the forefront of the mobile phone industry which is why their offerings at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona caused some confusion. The Desire S and Incredible S handsets that they had on show did not seem to offer significant developments over the company’s earlier smartphones and weren’t even in keeping with current industry developments such as dual core processors.

It has since become apparent that these were not intended to be HTC’s new flagship phones but updated versions of some of their most popular handsets. In true HTC fashion the company later unveiled to the world their EVO 3D and Sensation smartphones which hands down outperformed everything that had been on show at Barcelona.

While there is still some confusion as to whether the EVO 3D will see a release outside of the United States, the HTC Sensation has been confirmed for various European and Asian markets. Far from avoiding the dual core revolution HTC has upped the ante with these devices by promising to pack in a faster 1.2GHz dual core processor in both phones. This even caused Samsung to scrap their initial plans of a dual core 1GHz CPU for their next flagship device the Galaxy S2 and bring it up to speed with the HTC phones in the pipeline.

Like most touchscreen smartphones that have been announced in recent months the Sensation is to come with a larger screen measuring 4.3″. This Super LCD screen will feature a high res qHD display running on Android Gingerbread and HTC Sense. The phone will come with social networking support, email, and threaded SMS as well as 1080p video recording with stereo sound through its 8 megapixel camera.

The Sensation will also come with improved connectivity with 3G speeds double that of the original Desire, DLNA enabled Wi-Fi and an MHL AV link allowing the excellent features of the Sensation to be enjoyed through a larger screen. And there certainly are excellent entertainment features available with music and video support, games and apps from Android Market and online video content via YouTube.

The HTC Sensation features a pretty spectacular screen which offers a great level of detail and makes it ideal for phone activities like watching movies and web browsing. It is easy to see the Sensation becoming this year’s HTC Desire as many people will likely be deterred by the parallax display of its sibling EVO 3D phone, whose existence outside of the United States is still unconfirmed.



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