Samsung to Launch 2GHz Dual-Core Smartphones By 2012, Set To Be As Powerful As Desktop PCs

Smartphones To Become As Powerful As PCs?

Samsung Electronics, South Korea’s largest electronics manufacturer, will be releasing a smartphone that boasts performance levels matching desktop PCs. This phone will feature a two gigahertz (Ghz) dual core CPU (core processing unit), which will give it data processing capacities of 4Ghz. Samsung is also considering selling the CPU units separately. 

“We are planning to release a 2Ghz dual core CPU-equipped smartphone by next year,” said a high-ranking official from the company. “This product will have the data processing capacities of a regular PC.” Samsung is still developing the dual core CPU to be used in the smartphone. It is highly likely that it will be launched under the Exynos brand, a processor brand launched by the company in February. 

A dual core CPU features two CPU units packed into one component, which allows twice the processing speed. It is easier to manufacture a single 4Ghz CPU unit instead of a dual core 2Ghz CPU unit, but Samsung is opting for the dual core as it is better optimized for smartphone products. Dual core facilitates multitasking using smartphones by allotting the workload on two separate cores.

A smartphone equipped with 2Ghz dual core CPUs will match the performance level of desktop PCs. Most PCs used these days have 3~4 Ghz CPUs. 

Samsung is also said to be considering separate sales of the CPU units for other smartphone makers. Samsung has been mainly manufacturing mobile CPU for its own product lines, but is planning to expand into mobile processor sales under its new brand, Exynos.

Source: Daum


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