Intel’s New Research Brings James Cameron’s Terminator Closer To Reality

Intel has flagged-off a  new research initiative in Israel on machine learning. This is an attempt to make devices smart by making them “learn” about their users. This project is a joint effort between Intel Collaborative Research Institute for Computational Intelligence and Israel’s Technion and Hebrew Universities. Under this project, specialists will strive to develop new applications such as wearable computers that will help ease our lives more!

Intel believes that such devices will continually monitor their users and record this data and such devices would be available by 2014 or 2015. According to Moody Eden, President of Intel Israel, “Within five years all of the human senses will be in computers and in 10 years we will have more transistors in one chip than neurons in the human brain”. Intel has already implemented this technology in digital signage for Adidas which can now tell the sex of the customer (male/female) and the age bracket (adult/child). Accordingly, the signage displays the ads. Such implementations will take context-aware ads to a whole new level.

Well, it seems that humanoids will come closer to commercial reality sooner rather than later. Hopefully, it does not turn like Terminator Rise of the Machines or Will Smith’s I, Robot!



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