HTC Expected To Announce Proto At IFA 2012


HTC is apparently gearing up to unveil a new smartphone to join its current range of Android devices, according to reports from SlashGear.

In recent weeks there had been rumours about an HTC device called the Proto, although it has since been suggested that the full launch name of this handset will be the Desire X.

This certainly sounds plausible since the HTC One X is currently the company`s flagship mobile product and the Desire range has been sustained ever since it arrived in 2010.

It is thought that the Proto/Desire X will have a four inch touchscreen display, a five megapixel camera and 4GB of storage space onboard, presumably with the option to expand this via a microSD memory card.

The processing power of this device remains unknown, but it will hopefully support at least a dual core processor in order to make it relevant on today`s market.

Listings for the Desire X have already begun to crop up on various European online retail sites, which means that a full announcement from HTC is likely to follow in the coming days or weeks.

While the One X will remain at the peak of the current HTC line up thanks to its 4.7 inch HD display and quad core processor, the Desire X is likely to slot in below it, slightly exceeding the power of the One V.

More is expected to be revealed during this week`s IFA 2012 conference, where HTC will be just one of the companies showcasing its wares.

Meanwhile one of its rivals has been liberally doling out details about a brand new flagship Android smartphone.

The LG Optimus G is now officially on the table and it is likely to replace the Optimus 4X HD as the company`s most powerful and capable handset.

It will feature a quad core processor from Qualcomm and will also be compatible with 4G LTE networking in countries where this type of coverage is available.

A 4.7 inch high definition display of an equivalent size to that of the HTC One X is found on the front of the Optimus G, while a 13 megapixel camera on the rear will give it impressive photography credentials.

Android 4.0 will be preinstalled on the Optimus G, although it is likely to get an update to version 4.1 at some point after it is launched. Fans might have wanted to see this newer software available from day one, but sadly this is not to be.

LG is going to ship the Optimus G to various Asian countries, including its native South Korea, within the next few weeks. Hopefully it will get a wider global release further down the line, because it looks like a competitively specified smartphone. Of course any new release occurring in the coming months might be overshadowed if a new scaled down Apple iPad is announced, as seems more and more likely with each new rumour.




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